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  Sponsored Articles Policy 1. Description of the Article: Article must be unique, informational, evergreen and valuable to readers in English according to our site niche. Size of the article? No restriction, the bigger the better. 2. Type of the Article: No product/service/review/business/promotional/affiliate article is allowed. However, the advertiser may link up to product/business/promotion in the article with appropriate anchor texts. 3. Payment Method: The only payment method is wire transfer to our bank account in Bangladesh via Xoom (a PayPal service for American/ European), Wise or Skrill , or any other money transfer services. We don't have PayPal or Payoneer. Some other options for sending money may be: Remitly, WorldRemit, Zelle, Venmo, CashApp, or whatever the advertiser may find suitable for a wire transfer. 4. Payment confirmation: The advertiser will pay the editorial fee in advance–  AFTER the mutual deal and BEFORE executing the order. 5. Credit of the Articl

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  Guest Posts Policy   You can collaborate by article exchanges between us and your quality site in the similar niche having an impressive Domain Authority (DA) .    You will publish a unique post on our site for FREE. In return, you will publish one of our unique posts on your site for FREE. General requirements : 1. You can include up to 3 links in a fresh, unique article (will be "do-follow" links) 2. Article must be informational, evergreen and must provide value to readers. (Example, How to...) 3. No product/service/review/business/promotional/affiliate article is allowed (However, you may link up your product/ business in the article with proper anchor text). 4. We may edit the article/ image if needed in order to improve SEO. 5. Article must be in English, and the size to be at least 1000 words or more.  6. In the case of our guest post with you, the same rules are to be applied.   7. Both parties will be obliged to comply with the Google Publisher Policies .   Gue

How to Edit Your Blog Post - 6 Most Important Steps for Beginners

  How to edit blog post? Once I initially started blogging, I assumed it was just a matter of jotting down your views and posting them online. That's how I wrote my first three or four posts. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing at the time. This article will feature how to edit blog post.   Then I'd go back and read the published piece, only to discover that I'd made spelling or grammar errors, or that I'd written the same line twice in the same paragraph. Yes, I was terrible. As I continued to blog, I realized I needed to be more cautious about what I said. I was inspired by the lovely writing of other bloggers and wanted to improve my writing skills and become as brilliant as them. I try to better myself by learning and educating myself on how to create better pieces and add value to them. One of the most important lessons I've learned thus far is that before I publish a piece, I must ensure that it has been edited to the best of my ability. Editing, on the