Sponsored Articles Policy


Sponsored Articles Policy

1. Description of the Article: Article must be unique, informational, evergreen and valuable to readers in English according to our site niche. Size of the article? No restriction, the bigger the better.

2. Type of the Article: No product/service/review/business/promotional/affiliate article is allowed. However, the advertiser may link up to product/business/promotion in the article with appropriate anchor texts.

3. Payment Method: The only payment method is wire transfer to our bank account in Bangladesh via Xoom (a PayPal service for American/ European), Wise or Skrill, or any other money transfer services.We don't have PayPal or Payoneer.

Some other options for sending money may be: Remitly, WorldRemit, Zelle, Venmo, CashApp, or whatever the advertiser may find suitable for a wire transfer.

4. Payment confirmation: The advertiser will pay the editorial fee in advance–  AFTER the mutual deal and BEFORE executing the order.

5. Credit of the Article: We will publicly credit the article as the "Guest Article by..." (not "Sponsored" Article) at the end of it. However, this is not compulsory, if the advertiser wants, the sponsored article will be published as our regular post without any credit, in order to make it natural.

6. Time Frame: It may take us 3-5 business days to review and publish/reject a submitted article. We may edit the article/ image in order to improve SEO, if necessary. We have the right to ask the advertiser to revise the article, and/or replace any link we deem inappropriate.

7. Submission: The advertiser will submit the article in google docs.Usually we prefer to take care of the images in the article. Images (provide links in the article) must be royalty free.

8. Compliance: While publishing with us, the advertiser will be obliged to comply with the Google Publisher Policies

9. Protection for the Future: Upon any sort of phishing/ manipulation/ spamming/ engineering/ invalid activities/ click-bait in the published article/link found in future, we have the right to terminate the deal immediately. In such case, the article will be unpublished and/or link will be removed without any monetary reimbursement.


If you are agreed with all clauses mentioned above, please contact us.


Note: We also serve LINK INSERTION in the existing articles (already indexed) according to client's need as per the above policy.

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